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​Would you be surprised to see police officers patrolling your neighborhood on horses? Actually, horses have been used in police work for many years. Today, Police Mounted Units have become an important component in law enforcement throughout the United States, not only in rural areas, but in urban settings as well. Their effectiveness in crowd control is unequaled. Their high visibility makes them a deterrent to crime. Their participation in parades and other community events, as well as their presence in our neighborhoods, make them invaluable in boosting positive relations with the community, especially with the children.

The private security industry is also recognizing those values in providing private protection where traditional security measures might be less effective or impractical.

Mounted Police and Posse Training Courses


Suncoast Equine offers various levels of training for both full-time and part-time sworn law enforcement officers, as well as non-sworn members of a law enforcement agency's civilian equestrian support organization, commonly referred to as a mounted reserve or posse.  Thee popular courses are now extended to private security agencies who utilize mounted patrols.


 Each course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to competently perform his or her responsibilities.  All of our training is insured.  We now bring these popular courses to you.  For more information, click on the course below that you are interested in.

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