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Course Description


Suncoast Equine's Basic Mounted Police Training and Civilian Posse Course integrates training for both sworn law enforcement personnel and non-sworn members of an agency's civilian equestrian support organization, (commonly referred to as a Mounted Reserve or Posse). This popular course is now extended to private security agencies that utilize mounted patrols.  The 40+ hour curriculum consists of classroom instruction, as well as practical training both on and off horseback.  Upon successful completion of the course the student will have been provided with an introduction to the minimum skills and knowledge needed to competently perform his or her responsibilities as a mounted law enforcement officer or civilian support member.   


All instruction is supervised by graduates of the University of Louisville - Southern Police Institute's Mounted Law Enforcement Instructor Course.




This course is only an introduction to the many aspects of training involved in mounted public service.  The curriculum consists of classroom instruction, as well as practical training both on and off horseback to include:

  • Overview of mounted law enforcement and civilian support organizations.

  • Your role, responsibilities and expectations as a mounted officer or civilian support member.

  • Fundamentals of horsemanship.

  • Introduction to the inherent characteristics, anatomy, senses and behaviors of horses.

  • Introduction to horse health, common injuries and illnesses, first aid treatments and preventative care.

  • Introduction to transportation of horses, stable management and ground handling.

  • Introduction to tack and understanding the various types of bits and how they should be used in the various stages of training and to correct certain issues.

  • Instruction on proper basic equitation.  A significant amount of time will be spent on equitation because it is our belief that a mounted officer is only as effective as his/her riding skills and the abilities of the horse.

  • The student will be introduced to the proper manner in which to conduct sensory and obstacle training; in the process, the horses will undergo sensory training and be exposed to various levels of obstacles.

  • Introduction to the patrol function for both sworn and non-sworn riders.

  • Response to Resistance / Use of Force for sworn personnel while on horseback.

  • Self defense techniques on horseback for both sworn and non-sworn personnel.

  • Gunfire training, traffic stops, vehicle and suspect approaches, arrest procedures, searches of persons and handcuffing all from horseback for sworn personnel.

  • Escorting persons and vehicles.

  • The Do's and Don'ts of pursuing while on horseback for the sworn mounted officer.

  • Traffic direction.

  • Basic formation riding.

  • Tactical formations with simulated passive and aggressive crowds.

  • Introduction to mounted support for crowd management.

  • Introduction to mounted support in search and rescue operations.


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for persons 18 years of age or older who are in need of basic mounted police or posse training: Typically newly assigned officers to mounted patrol duties; new members to an agency's civilian equestrian support organization, (commonly referred to as Mounted Reserve or Posse); and individuals who would like to prepare themselves and their horses for becoming a member of their local Mounted Reserve or Posse.

Being an accomplished rider is not necessary.  Participants should, however, possess at least basic riding skills to attend this class: The ability to ride a horse at a walk from point to point without veering off course; and to stop, back and turn the horse.  This course will not only improve your skills for these basic maneuvers, but will take your riding to the next level with intermediate maneuvers, including, but not limited to, trotting, cantering and lateral movements. 

The course is considered by some to be somewhat physically challenging.  Participant should be in reasonably good health and without any physical or medical condition that could be worsened by the activities of the class, or that might otherwise create a risk to the participant or others.




Due to numerous requests from agencies for us to offer this course at their respective locations, Suncoast Equine no longer conducts this course at its facility in Webster, Florida, however, we are happy to bring this course to you.

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