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Course Description

Suncoast Equine's Mounted Law Enforcement Training Programs recognizes the importance of quality on-going training for mounted law enforcement professionals and civilian posse members.  To that end, Suncoast Equine offers an opportunity for those who have attended a Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Mounted Police Training and Civilian Posse Course to easily receive affordable Refresher Training.  At a reduced rate, simply enroll for Refresher Training during any Basic, Intermediate or Advanced class and select up to 20 hours of refresher training on any topic being presented during that class.  This is an excellent opportunity to satisfy your agency or organization's continuing education/training requirement.  


Our courses are insured and all instruction is supervised by graduates of the University of Louisville - Southern Police Institute's Mounted Law Enforcement Instructor Course.


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for any person who has attended a Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Mounted Police Training and Civilian Posse who desires additional or refresher training.  

Depending on the topics being selected, they may be considered by some to be somewhat physically challenging.  Participant should be in reasonably good health and without any physical or medical condition that could be worsened by the activities of the class, or that might otherwise create a risk to the participant or others.




Due to numerous requests from agencies for us to offer this course at their respective locations, Suncoast Equine no longer conducts this course at its facility in Webster, Florida, however, we are happy to bring this course to you.

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