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Formation Riding Classes


I learned about the formation riding classes through a friend who had attended.  She recommended that I also attend as she thought both my horse and I could benefit.  I was reluctant at first because I thought that it might be a little too fast for me.  I finally decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did.  The instructor is quite good.  He is patient and makes learning the steps easy.  My horse was always a little shy about others horses being too close but this is just what he needed to get over that.

Janet Thomas, Clermont FL


Formation Riding testimony: I have owned several horses over the past 38 years. The Standardbred race horse that I purchased from a training center was not turned out with other horses when he was young due to the nature of his training. He was very friendly with people, but insecure around other horses in his space. I saddle trained him with no problems, but I needed an environment that could provide a safe way to socialize him. I was able to train him to restrain from kicking at other horses before I started Formation riding, but he had severe space issues that could not be resolved by training at home alone. It took some time, but I can ride next to others because of Formation Riding classes with Mark. He is enjoying his time with other horses more than he will ever admit. Formation Riding gave him a job and a more defined purpose in his life. I attend every month and our partnership has grown leaps and bounds. The class is basic and easy on the horses. The formations improve bending and the commands reinforce that you need to ride every step. Even the most experienced rider can glean something from these classes and your horse will love the team work. This is truly a unique class and everyone has a great time. Thank you Mark for your dedication to us!!! 

Debra Sweger


I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU so much for the warm welcome Chance and I received at class today!   I had a lot of fun and was glad to be able to participate with a well orchestrated group.   It appears you are a master at dealing with riders and horses of all levels and made something new a great experience.    Chance and I will definitely be back!   What a great place / way to expose a youngster to new places, new friends and new experiences. 

Ann Holt


2-Day Horsemanship Clinic, April 2012


Great workshop this weekend.  Very organized, professional, and lots of good exercises to take home and practice.

Cal Winger, Brooksville FL


Riding Lessons


Thank you for being patient with me.  It had been a long time since I rode.  It took a while but with your help I now am more confident.  I'm ready to try the trails now.

Tonya Campbell, Bushnell FL


I just wanted to take a moment to email you and tell you how much my daughter enjoyed her first riding lesson.  It was her mother and my gift to her for her 13th birthday present.  Your horse was so gentle and calm which took away a lot of anxiety that I had as a father.  She is looking forward to her next lesson.  When are you available?

Roy Waters, Wildwood FL


Self Defense on Horseback


I never really thought about how vulnerable I was when I ride the trails.  All you have to do is watch the news and you will hear on every broadcast about someone getting attacked for what ever reason.  I got to thinking about what I would do if someone tried to attack me when I'm out in the woods.  That really scared me and I stopped riding because of it.  When you came to one of our meetings I was delighted when you talked about defending yourself while riding.  After taking your self defense class, I will not tell you that I wouldn't still be terrified if someone tried to attack me, but now I know what to do instead of doing nothing and becoming someone's victim.  Thank you so much.

C.T., Brooksville FL


Mounted Police and Posse Training


Dear Lt. Newby
I attended the Basic Mounted Police course in Miami in June of this year put on by Suncoast Equine.  Your experience as a professional mounted police supervisor was certainly evident in your knowledge of the industry and in the training material you presented.  The course was well organized and your assistants are to be commended.  Providing my agency will again fund continuing education for our mounted unit, I will look forward to your refresher course that will hopefully be a little closer to me next time.  Keep up the good work and be safe.

Cpl. Thomas Kelly, GA


I am a Deputy in a small Sheriff's Office in South Carolina.   We are considering starting a mounted unit and our Sheriff is completely supportive of the idea.  I spoke with a Deputy in Broward County while I was there doing training and he recommended you as a trainer.  He said that you were in charge of a mounted unit for several years and suggested that I contact you to see if you could help us get a unit started.  Please contact me.

Deputy Gary Watts


First off, let me tell you how nice it was meeting you!! I like your teaching style… you want the rider and horse to learn how to become a cohesive unit.  Your passion for teaching and love of horses is evident. 

Corporal Tracy Fundenburg, Gainesville FL Police Department


Bill and I were excited about going --- but the experience was so much more than we ever expected. We absolutely cannot believe the difference these folks were able to make in us and our horses in 4 days.

Bill and MaryJane Silcox, Holmes County Sheriff's Mounted Posse


Sensory Training


My horse is a 7 year old Tennessee Walker.  I came to Mr. Newby because I felt that my horse should not be as spooked at everything as he is.  Mr. Newby, in my opinion, is every bit as knowledgeable as some of the clinicians you see on television.  He took his time and presented different things to my horse gradually and in a way that built confidence in him.  I could hardly believe the difference in my horse only after a couple of sessions.  Simply awesome.

Anita Pheifer


Great session today. You did an impressive job. I know Terry and I both plan on coming back for another session. Haven't talked to Martha yet. We'll plan on more than an hour as we could see we just were getting going after an hour.  Thanks again.

Cal Winger, Brooksville FL

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