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New stables.  Contact us now for special rates on boarding your horse.


Horseback Riding

Boarding clients or not, come ride with us in our new lighted outdoor arena, in our training area or on a trail ride.  Bring your own horse or lease one of ours.  Call now for rates and availability.





Equestrian Services


Suncoast Equine offers a variety of training for both horses and riders.  All training activities are fully insured and tailored to your or your horse's specific needs.  Training may be conducted at our facility or away.  If you can't come to us, we will come to you.  Check our Calendar for a schedule of all upcoming training and events.  If our published schedule does not fit yours, Contact Us to arrange for a special session for you or your group.


Sensory and Obstacle Training

Whether you want your horse to be less concerned about things while riding the trails or around your farm, or for it to remain calm and safe in traffic or in an urban environment, let the professionals at Suncoast Equine help.  Utilizing many of the same methods used to prepare police horses for law enforcement service, our staff will work with you and your horse to achieve your goal.

Unfortunately many horses are set back in their training and their confidence diminished when obstacles are presented to them improperly.  The trainers at Suncoast Equine, however, use a gradual approach and proven techniques that help ensure positive confidence building for both the horse and rider.  The methods, techniques and duration of training is tailored to your specific needs.  In order for your horse to retain its training, we will instruct you on the proper methods to keep your horse at the desired level of desensitization.   


Mounted Police and Posse Training

Suncoast Equine offers various levels of training for both full-time and part-time sworn law enforcement officers, as well as non-sworn members of a law enforcement agency's civilian equestrian support organization, commonly referred to as a mounted reserve or posse.  Each course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to competently perform his or her responsibilities.  All of our training is insured.  Classes are regularly conducted at our facility at the Emerald Oaks Ranch in Webster, Florida.  If you would like for us to conduct a class closer to you, please contact us for arrangements. 


Self Defense on Horseback

Unfortunately in the world we live in today, it is just as possible to be accosted or attacked while riding horseback on a trail than you walking to your car in a parking lot.  The instructors at Suncoast Equine will prepare you with self defense techniques that you can use to ward off an attacker while you are on horseback. 


Formation Riding

Formation Riding training is an ideal means for improving rider and horse coordination, as well as developing discipline, control and flexibility, both in the rider and in the horse. Although Formation Riding training has become an integral part of a mounted law enforcement officer’s training regiment, it is equally beneficial to non-law enforcement riders. Correctly learned and executed, the skills developed in this training will make you, your horse and your entire group an eye-catching presentation in parades and other events.  Because Formation Riding is taught in groups, check our calendar for the next Formation Riding clinic, or contact us to arrange a clinic for your group on your schedule.


Safety Education

There are inherent risks associated with any equine activity.  Our Safety Education classes will prepare you for what you need to know to reduce your risk of injury, death or property damage when around a horse, stables or equestrian facility.


We know that you want the best for your horse and so do we.  Suncoast Equine provides boarding for your horse on ten beautiful acres.  Our new stables will provide your horse with a clean and safe home.  Our staff that resides on the property will care for your horse as if it were their own, cleaning the stalls daily, feeding and watering your horse twice daily, and turn-out.  Grooming, exercising and washing is also available. 

Boarding customers are provided with their own unique security code to access the property during specified hours seven days a week.  The stables and grounds are monitored by surveillance cameras for added peace of mind.  Boarders are welcome to use the round pen and lighted outdoor arena for horseback riding, as well as the training area, obstacles and sensory training equipment with prior arrangements.

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Riding Lessons

Suncoast Equine will provide horseback riding lessons by competent instructors.  If you prefer to use your own instructor, feel welcome to bring your preferred instructor and use our facility.

Horseback Riding

Whether you want to ride horseback on a trail or in a riding arena, Suncoast Equine has you covered.  Bring your own horse or lease one of ours.  You can ride in our fenced 160X120 riding arena with clay/sand mix that is kept well maintained for sure footing.  The arena is equipped with a sound and public address system, as well as lights to accommodate those who like riding at night. 


Guided Trail Rides to the Public

For those who want to experience the thrill of a trail ride, our staff will lead you through some of Florida's most beautiful forest preserves.  Night time and extended rides are available upon special arrangements. 


Instructional Trail Riding

As part of our training curriculum, the staff at Suncoast Equine provides instruction on all aspects of trail riding.  This course of instruction includes how to properly load and unload the horse, safely transport the horse to the trail site, and tack the horse for trail riding.  We will advise you on equipment and supplies that you should take along with you.  Our staff will instruct you on trail etiquette, how to stay safe while riding on a trail, and best practices to prevent you from getting lost.



Suncoast Equine will periodically throughout the year host clinics and workshops. Contact us for a schedule of these events. If you would like to host a clinic or workshop of your own, contact us for details.. 

Events and Facility Leases

Do you, your business or organization have an upcoming equestrian event for which you are looking for a venue? Look no further. Suncoast Equine will be happy to help. The property provides a well manicured, secure and pleasant atmosphere for many types of equestrian events.  RV Hookups.  Plenty of Parking. 160X120 clay/sand mix, fenced and lighted outdoor riding arena with covered viewing area.  Riding arena is equipped with a sound system for public address or music.  An air conditioned classroom is located on the property.  WiFi available throughout the property.  Contact us for details and availability. 

RV Facilities

If your riding, training or equestrian event would require an overnight stay, both 30 and 50 amp recreational vehicle hookups, water and sewage facilities are available on the property.